Electric Fires and Fireplaces of the Future


A New Generation of Electric Fireplaces 

We are thrilled to be able to share with you some of the electric fires and fireplaces of the future, a brand new generation of fireplaces.

Our Preston-based showroom features the latest models from iconic brands such as British Fires and Kalfire, products which combine ultra-realistic flame technology, style in abundance and unrivalled efficiency.

There’s a New Generation of Electric Fireplaces Coming to Burning Desires Limited

Gone are the days of the electric fire consisting of a few glowing orange bars, or even a fake coal or log effect with a noisy motor as an accompaniment. These days our customers demand higher standards – they want authenticity, style and control. Ultimately, when they light their electric fire, they want it to look real.

Even entry-level electric fires with a ‘real flame effect’ are going to look pretty realistic these days, so imagine what you could get if you are able to increase your budget slightly.

Nowadays, these electric fires and fireplaces of the future come with LED and 3D lighting, adding an authentic look and feel. There’s the option to choose how fiercely the flames burn, the colour of the embers, the style of the fuel bed – and often all this choice can be controlled using a simple remote or even an app.

You could even choose a model which burns like a real fire. Imagine a flickering start, following by roaring flames and then the gentle, warming glow of embers.

The electric fire has come a long way. For the modern, well-insulated homes where secondary heating is not always required, many of these fires have the facility to turn off the heat output, leaving only the visual display, allowing us to maintain that cosy focus we have come to love in our homes.

What’s more, as these are electric effect fires, there’s no need for a chimney or a flue system. No complicated building regulations. They can be installed in most room environments to provide a truly stylish, realistic focal point.

The Central Feature of Any Living Area

We may be biased, but we know that the fireplace is the central feature of any living area – it simply doesn’t look complete without one, whether it’s used to provide heat or not.

These electric fires and fireplaces are the future. They’re innovative, sustainable and will certainly give any room the WOW factor.

Why not get in touch for more information about our range of electric fires and fireplaces. We look forward to hearing from you.